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Rochas Okorocha : The New Brother Jero and His Collapsed Empire

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By Stanford Arinze Nwokedi

For many who have not read the literary epic ” The Trial Of Brother Jero” written by Wole Soyinka, it is expedient I summarize the Act in few sentences as contained in this expose’.

If you find it difficult to understand, please, you may ask Google.

Our erstwhile Governor and now the Senator of Orlu zone by gunpoint fits squarely on the literary square measurements of the lead icon of the Wole Soyinka masterpiece: Brother Jero.

“Brother Jero is a conman. He sees nobody else as good and pursues other men of God in his Beachland environment to become the only anointed, called and good shepherd for God.
He merchandizes with his peculiar calling and leaves his gullible followers as victims of his deceit, greed, avarice and graft.
Other men of God are blackmailed and choose rather to leave the Beachland for Brother Jero to have his way. But Brother Jero is cursed to become a victim of his lust for women – his predominant adherents and fickle minds.”

What goes around comes around.

Imo is not any Beachland for another Brother; be he Jero or even Rochas.

The replay of the Trial of Brother Jero in the political space known and called Imo State has taken a very tragic turn for the Jero in the circumstance. Onye aghugho nwụọ, onye aghugho elie ya.

Prior to 2011, there was an Ikedi Ohakim. He was a sitting Governor. There were many other frontline political personalities of national limelight too, all of IMO derivation. Then, boom! 2011.

The Jero of IMO State rode on the trickiest of political propaganda to power. The Beachland, so to speak, was left as a prize for his tricky conquest. Like Wole Soyinka’s Brother Jero who led a near revolution against the old Prophets in the Beachland, this Jero in Imo State – the erstwhile Governor, now Senator- Owelle Rochas OKOROCHA, through deceit and false alarm, deceived the Catholic Church and other teeming Imo electorates to oust a Gov Ikedi Ohakim, chasing him, his other renowned elite political class far away from Imo, the literary Beachland. For eight uninterrupted years of boobooyaayaa, ewere nkea erie nkea and his trademark voodoo power romanticization, he held sway, a law unto himself! The elites were on the run. Many to Abuja. Others abroad. Imo was left bare. Ohakim saw nwiiii with EFCC. All a ploy. He spoke unequivocally, though via actions, to wit: “Leave my empire. Imo is Conquered. I’ve retired many!”

No one was spared. No virgin land was left. No communal estate escaped. Not even the Government acquired estates could be spared.

Land grabbing. Unearthly greed. Ala-greediness. Insatiability and godamnit, institutions, private properties, everybody and everyone was his victim. He had the seal and he had the guts. The gut of Anini; the cunning of a dove and the cleverness of a serpent.

Area K Owerri. Former IBC premises measuring a massive 48 Hectres. The new Government House New Owerri area with the relics of the foundation layers. The Orlu Rd Old State Secretariat hectres. The Avu area. The Shoprite Hectres. The Naze flat planes. The Market square stretch opposite the State High Court on Orlu Road. Inexhaustible list. Same in Orlu. Ditto Okigwe.

Just one man?
He was largely successful as to declare publicly that he is now richer than Imo State.

To front the children of the poor for public sympathy over the illegal conversion of the just recovered Old IBC premises Orji (of 48 Hectres of land) is one con too many. Brother Jero is truly a conman. The sentiment that the kids may die or may never be educated confines in Rochas a faked divinity of god. It is annoying why anyone would steal to feed the poor impoverished by the graft of the same thief.

Anini did the same thing. He was the “good” armed robber. He sprayed stolen mint Naira notes along Efurun Road, Benin City. He was “too” good. He was ultimately a killer and a thief. He stole and killed. He truly was a “good” devil. Anini was killed tied to a stake. I bet it that in all his stealing, he never got 0.1% of what our new Jero looted out of our treasury or our collective patrimony.

So, how much of the 48 Hectres of the Old IBC premises houses the school? Who owns the other lot – the duplexes, the mansions, the partitionings and how do these other but hidden interests intersect on the overall wellbeing, education and welfare of families disowned of their patrimony? Who takes the glory? A stolen glory indeed!

Could a land acquired for public interests be converted to private use in the presence of the very original owners? Where does that happen?

Let no one jest about this. Let all politicking be sidelined. Imo State deserves justice. Let the RECONSTRUCTION, REHABILITATION AND RECOVERY proceed further. Yes, to the last inch of the grabbed lands; to the last kobo of the looted funds, etc.

Imo State can not be impoverished by the greed and avarice of one man. This sentimental blackmail is too poor a tool to derail the determination to return Imo State back to the people of IMO State.

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