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Why Kenyan Government May Not Be Involved In Nnamdi Kanu’s Abduction And Repatriation

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The Government of Kenya, have repeated insisted that they were not involved in the abduction and eventual repatriation of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

Kanu have confirmed, through his lawyers, that he was indeed apprehension in Kenya and held for eight days, before he was handed over to Nigerian authorities, who eventually flew him back to the country.

To Kanu, he was abducted by Kenyan officials, but knowing the level of corruption in many law enforcement agencies in the world, there is the possibility, that the kidnap and eventual repatriation, was done by a few people, without official nod from the Kenyan government.

The first place we’ll look at, is the bounty placed on Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s head.

By that bounty, Nnamdi Kanu became a moving target for anybody, whether he or she is law enforcement or not.

If anybody could apprehend him, the person could lay claim to the N100million (one hundred million naira) bounty, placed on his head by the 75 Northern groups.

Further information we’re getting about his abduction, further proved that his “arrest” wasn’t done officially. According to information, commotion was caused when his abductors raised a terrorist alarm, making people to run for their lives, even security operatives, giving his abductors the opportunity to grab him and spirit him away.

Another thing that pointed out that Nnamdi Kanu was not grabbed legally, was the fact that he stayed eight days in custody, before he was handed over to Nigerian authorities.

Now that eight days may have been spent by his abductors, who might be corrupt law enforcement agents, or private civilians cashing into the bounty, to negotiate with Nigerian authorities to get the bounty promised, before handing over Nnamdi Kanu.

If the Kenyan government had been involved in the operation, he would have been handed over almost immediately.

Clearly, Nnamdi Kanu was probably kidnapped by renegade security operatives, or bounty hunters, masquerading as security operatives.

Yet to further confirm Kenyan government’s lack of official involvement in the matter, information available seem to support that Kanu was probably not taken out of the country through official quarters.

With Kanu’s British passport, the Kenyan government would have returned him to Britain, if it was done officially by the government.

It was either he was sneaked across the border to a country where he wouldn’t be expected, and probably flown out through a private air strip, or like the case of Umaru Dikko, packaged into a container, this time with diplomatic tags, and smuggled out of Kenya.

With the way things are looking, the Kenyan government may truly be right when they tell the world that they had no hand in Nnamdi Kanu’s kidnap, and reparation to Nigeria.

What’s your thoughts?

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