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Rochas Okorocha be civil, Hope Uzodinma is the leader of APC in Imo – lawyer blast former governor

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A legal practitioner Obidike Nwagwu Esq, has knocked the former governor of Imo State, and senator representing Orlu zone, Senator Rochas Okorocha over his repeated attempt to hijack the structure of the Imo State chapter of the All Progressives Congress APC, from Senator Hope Uzodinma.

Speaking to Efizzy correspondent Mercy Anaele from his base in London, the legal practitioner and social analyst berated the actions of the former governor, reminding him that when he was govenror of the state, he was the leader of the party.

“Until greed took control of him and destroyed him politically,” Nwagwu stated. “Rochas Okorocha was the leader of the APC in the state. That’s always been how it is in any state or even the country. Udenwa was leader of the PDP until he lost grip to Araraume. Ohakim was leader of PPA then PDP until he lost the election and failed to maintain his structure. Ihedioha as Deputy Speaker and highest ranking in the state, and later as governor, was the leader of the PDP in Imo today.

“Rochas Okorocha lost grip even as a sitting govenror, when his greed and undemocratic nature, led him to try and turn Imo into a private property like he did the KOM University.

“His attempt failed then, and he shouldn’t expect it to work now.

“When he was govenror, the party obeyed his ever whim. He should leave Senator Hope Uzodinma to enjoy same privileges he had and misused.

“Trying to undermine the efforts of the government, by joining members of opposition to wage war against Uzodinma, is an open declaration of war against the party. It shows that Okorocha is no longer APC at heart, and even allowing him to remain in the party, may be like the Trojan Horse.

“Okorocha and his co-travellers should either bend to Uzodinma, or step aside. There are still political parties that may still tolerate them.

“It’s very shameful when I see Okorocha’s aides, attacking Uzodinma on issues such as infrastructure. I start wondering their mental capacity. Who made it his purpose in life, to destroy every infrastructure he met on ground in 2011?

“Under Ohakim water was running in homes. Rochas Okorocha destroyed it. Under Ohakim, due to the proper construction of roads he and his predecessors did, there was no flooding. Rochas Okorocha claimed he was expanding the roads, carted away all the tunnels Mbakwe laid worth billions of naira to God know where, and today Imo, especially Owerri zone has become erosion prone.

“Okorocha’s shenanigans only expose him as shameless and a liability to the APC or any party that takes him in.

“He should be civil or leave the party. It’s not about who named the party as he claimed he did. Many people who named PDP are in APC today. Hope Uzodinma is the leader of the APC in Imo State.

“Trust me, the PDP would sooner allow snakes and scorpions into their party, than Okorocha or Araraume.”

Uzodinma and Okorocha have been embroiled in bitter rivalry, over who is in control of the party in the state.

While Okorocha is trying to force Uche Nwosu’s former aide, Daniel Madueke Nwafor, on the party, Uzodinma and the National Working Committee of the party, have upheld the leadership of Marcon Nlemigbo.

Uzodinma have accused Okorocha of attacking him, for refusing to turn a blind eye to Okorocha’s eight years of misrule in Imo State.

Uzodinma’s move to recover looted property from Okorocha and his cronies, have been received with accolades, even from opposition elements, who have commended Uzodinma for the bold step.

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