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Understanding The Man, Ogbaturuenyi!

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Bridge builder. Consensus Builder. Business Executive. Enterpreneur. Academia. Popular grassroots mobiliser. Those were some of the words the media used to describe former member of the Federal House of Representatives of Ideato North and South Federal constituency (1999-2003), Hon. Dr. ThankGod Nnamdi Ezeani. And to those who know Ogbaturuenyi, those descriptions were simply fitting.

As a Christian of repute, with divine calling to represent his people of Ideato North and South Federal constituency at the National Assembly in 1999, Ogbaturuenyi like Jeremiah of the Bible who was known to God from conception, he stood for elections and won under the platform of People’s Democratic party (PDP) and won to represent the Ideato Nation as a lawmaker in the prestigious Federal House of Representatives. Indeed, God chose him like the Scriptural David, who was selected from the rear in House of Jesse and was ordained into greatness.

Ogbaturuenyi, while in the National Assembly, at Abuja, distinguished himself with service orientation, presentation, integrity and constructed outspokenness which saw him excelling beyond bounds. He served both as Chairman and member to various sub-committees in the House where his productive contributions were highly valued and held in high esteem.

While in the National Assembly, Ogbaturuenyi appeared passionate for about three(3) major things; his integrity, his constituency and the less privileged. He brought positive revolution to Law-making representation and democracy to the country within his tenure in the National Assembly. Ogbaturuenyi was a very disciplined, calm but deep and robust legislature who respects the vibrations and feelings of his people and pursues just and dependable courses for them. He senses his people’s actual in-depth sensation and sets it as his utmost goal.

Ogbaturuenyi is caring, kind-hearted and understanding; his empathy is with the core of his people. He is simple and has remained completely unaffected with the praise- singing inherent with such highly placed Office holder. He is a philanthropist per excellence. Little wonder, he considered building his people of Uzii and God Almighty a magnificent place of worship. He did not stop at that, he constructed and tarred a six- kilometer road from Uzii, his home town, to Osina(from Ama Tailor junction to Osina junction) for easy and hitch-free assess into the neighborhood. The oil and Gas factory, he built in his own town at Uzii is measured to the capacity of employing over five thousand (5000) people both from his Uzii home, Ideato Nation, Imo state and Nigeria in parenthesis. The business mogul has assisted employed many from Ideato Nation into different oil and gas companies both in Nigeria and abroad and other spheres of life.

He has also extended his pinch of philanthropy to students of Ideato origin in different higher institutions in Nigeria and abroad with partial and full scholarships and grants. He is a patriotic and practical community development giant that has virtually touched all communities in Ideato Nation; undoubtedly that formed why the Ezes in council in Ideato Nation gloriously conferred on him symbolic Chieftaincy titles to that fully describe his socio-political antecedents, such as OGBATURUENYI, AHAEJIAGAMBA and many more.

The Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) did not despise his eloquent and visible contributions to the Church that he was invested with highest lay preferment in the Anglican Commission (KSC) .

Ogbaturuenyi is an indefatigable philanthropist and a politician of no mean feat who have given meaning to the people and brought visible political and economic dividends unadulterated to the masses of Ideato Nation.

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