I’ve been sleeping with my mother’s married best friend

My mother doesn’t know that I’ve been having a secret love affair with Aunty Uche, her married best friend.

Aunty Uche practically grew up with my mother. They have been best friends since they could remember. They went to the same schools and even chose the same career path.

I’m 20, the first child of my mother. My siblings are schooling outside the state and I’m the only one attending the state university.

Aunty Uche is a regular visitor to our house and enters everywhere without restriction. That day I didn’t know she was around and I had just come out from my self-contained bathroom into my bedroom when she walked into my room looking for my mother.

“Junior where is every..?” She stopped talking.

I standing in the middle of my room stake naked and still dripping wet on the tiled floor. I saw her eyes travel down and for some reason, I became very hard at her gaze.

“This boy you’re something else,” she said closing the door behind her and walking towards me. “You’ve grown very big oooo.”

I didn’t move as she walked around me and let her hand slide down from behind me and grasped my hardness. I leaned back into her as she stood behind me.

“That’s good,” she whispered into my ear as she massaged and caressed my hardness.

I was not a Virgin before this encounter and I knew how to handle women. I turned around and grabbed her roughly pulling her into me and covering her mouth with mine.

She was conveniently dressed in a very light and very short dress and getting her out of it was very easy.

“Where are you parents?” She managed to ask as I half lifted her into my bed and pulled off her bra and pants.

“They’re not around,” I said as I buried my mouth into her wetness. “They won’t be back any time soon.”

I worked her wetness with my tongue and she clawed at my head with her nails practically trying to force my head into her. I don’t think her husband have given it to her like that before.

She grabbed my hardness into her wetness and I started thrusting very and harder into her manipulating her legs over my shoulders to go deeper and later taking her from behind.

“Come inside me,” she managed to say when she sensed I was close and I didn’t need any further urging to discharge my load into her.

We lay in each others arms breathing heavily and looking into each other’s eyes. I kissed her mouth.

“You’re very good,” she said.

We had a slow session in the shower before she left that day. I couldn’t get her out of my head.

Since then, it has become a regular routine with us. Because she is free at the house, nobody suspects a thing and she comes and stays as long as she wants. Her husband is based abroad and my father works at Abuja visiting once or twice a month. My mother has a much busier practice and that affords us a lot of time alone.

I know many of you think it is wrong but I can’t stop. I don’t want to call it love but I don’t know what to call it anymore. I just can’t get enough of her.

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