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Nwawuba breaks record in Representation, as he showers Mbaike with second round of Palliatives

The Federal House of Representatives Member, Representing Mbaitoli and Ikeduru in the National Assembly, Rt Hon Henry Nwawuba, have yet again attracted more relief materials for the people of Mbaike, from the Federal Government.

Nwawuba, who has set exemplary strides in representation, despite being in the opposition, have ensured that his people are not shortchanged as far as benefits from the Federal Government is concerned.

Today’s distribution of relief materials, ranging from hundreds non edible relief materials such as foams, mattresses, pillows, blankets, bags of cement, sheets of zinc and building materials, to edible relief materials ranging from bags of rice, beans, garri, palm oil, groundnut oil, food condiments, salt amongst others, was shared ad usual, across party lines to the people of Mbaike who he represents.

Nwawuba in December of of 2020, had also shared relief materials from the Federal Government.

Reacting, an APC stalwart, who was also a former councillor in Mbaitoli and a community representative, who came there to collect what was due for his people, expressed his delight at what Nwawuba was doing for his people.

“I was here the last time,” he stated. “Nwawuba has really impressed me, and I am not talking as a party man, but as an Mbaike son. Go around the state, how many places do you see this happening? We have had it once, this is the second time, while there are other Federal Constituencies in the state who haven’t even see one, let alone two times.

“Go to my community, he built school blocks for us amongst others. I am telling you, Mbaike has never had it this good. Everywhere you go, a project is going on which Henry Nwawuba attracted. Nwawuba has really impressed me, and you can be assured that he has my support and the support of my people.“

The relief materials were distributed to Mbaike people, at the Palace of His Royal Highest, the former Eze Imo, Eze Cletus Ohiri of Obi Orodo, and had in attendance, people of Mbaike, community representatives and leaders cutting across party lines.

Nwawuba had made a resolve, to ensure that Mbaike was not left behind in representation, and made his promise the people, in his usual mantra, to expect much more from him as he promises more projects across Mbaike.

Nwawuba explained that the palliative being distributed was from NEMA, stating that he had appealed to NEMA to come to the aid of the people of his constituency facing hardship due to flooding.

Speaking to News men, he said he a had approached the National Commission for Refugees, Migrants and Internally Displayed Persons NCRMIP, stating that it was NCRMIP last year and today it is NEMA and tomorrow it would be another agency.
“…Tomorrow it might be whoever agency I can find to come to the aid of Ndi Mbaike, that is what representation is, that is why I am in Abuja, I’m supposed to look, seek out opportunities, and attract it for our people.”

Nwawuba further assured the people of Mbaike to Expect More, as stated in his mantra.

He was present along with officials of NEMA, to oversee the distribution of the palliative to the people.

Reacting to question about the blockade of food to the South, by Northern farmers and traders, Nwawuba assured that the National Assembly as a whole, was fully on the matter, to make sure that peaceful coexistence is maintained in the country.

He further stated that what is affecting us in the South, in the form of food shortage, is also affecting them in the North, in way of fuel scarcity, as queues have started appearing at fuel stations in Abuja.

He called for a United front for the whole nation, to make way for a stronger and better Nigeria.

He further stated that he has started putting pressure on the Ecological Fund department, and has deposited the case for Mbaike, for roads and other infrastructure, and will follow up the lobbying intensely, stating that all regions are interested in getting a share of the fund.

He gave God all the thanks for making him represent Mbaike, as well as guiding and using him to bring benefits to the people.

“I have been blessed to represent Mbaike. Mbaike is peaceful, Mbaike is supportive, Mbaike has shown me so much love. I thank my people for the support and the love.”

Nwawuba promised to continue to work hard for the people of Mbaike, and whatever comes from Abuja, would be brought before the people always to be shared amongst the people of Mbaike.

A PDP Chieftain will reacting stated, “Nwawuba has provided both stomach infrastructure and non stomach infrastructure to the people. He is an example to others of what representing a people should be.”

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