Hope Uzodimma Sues for Peace Amidst Youth Empowerment Exercise

by Martin Daniel

The Governor of Imo State, Sen. Hope Uzodimma has appealed to Imo youths to shun all forms of violence and embrace peace, if they must succeed in their various fields of endeavor especially now they have been empowered by the state government.

Gov Uzodimma’s call was necessitated by prevalent security challenges that bedeviled the state couple of weeks ago.

According to Gov Uzodimma, businesses can only survive in an atmosphere devoid of violence and insecurity.

Gov Uzodimma expressed sadness that almost all the suspects arrested so far troubling the peace of the state were youths.

He noted that idle mind is the devil’s workshop and keeping the youths busy would save them from the temptation of engaging in crime.

Gov Uzodimma further revealed that his administration would institute a forum for yearly interaction in such a manner that ideas would be cross fertilized to build friendship across board.

“In this respect , I will also take necessary steps to encourage you to take up the role of playing advocacy for peace and crime free imo state”.

He further charged imo youths not to be a willing tool in the hands of disgruntled political elements who feed fat from crisis.

In his words” as we have empowered you , let me enjoin you therefore to resolve that from today ,you shall all become ambassadors of peace for a crime free imo state”.

“Your lives matter to me. Your future matters to the government and your parents. Don’t allow mercenaries and buccaneers destroy your future with pittance.” Uzodimma appeals.

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