The Egbu Declaration Anniversary: A Hypocritical Lamentation

By: Cajetan Duke

On Saturday, November 13, 2021, the leaders and apologists of the opposition People’s Democratic Party PDP in Imo State, shamelessly gathered again at the All Saints Anglican Cathedral, Egbu, Owerri North LGA, this time around in what they termed 4th anniversary of ‘Egbu Declaration’. It was purportedly organized by a faceless organization called Coalition for Owerri Zone Re-awakening.

Ordinarily, such cosmetic and superficial political gathering without a clear-cut sense of direction, completely lacking in specifity and accuracy doesn’t deserve critical and objective commentary, if not for the deliberate attempt by its promoters to mislead the unsuspecting members of the public.

As irrelevant as that gathering of political wailers turned out to be, it is important to bring to the knowledge of the public that the event as packaged, was a political gathering or rally by the leadership of the opposition People’s Democratic Party. It aims to continually distract the government of the day, hiding under a non-existing organization to pursue its 2023 governorship project premised on an unpopular zonal sentiment and selfish proclivities, mischievously dressed in the garment of Owerri zone agenda.

The event which according to the organizers is a commemoration of the fourth anniversary of Egbu Declaration came with a theme ‘Mmegbu adighi nma’. It was fraudulently designed to present or project the good people of Owerri zone as enemies of the Shared Prosperity administration of His Excellency Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma. However, the organizers’ objective of given the event an identity of a pan Owerri zonal event was betrayed and defeated when frontline leaders, financiers and sympathizers of the opposition PDP were lined up as chairman, chief host, guest of honour and special guest of honour of the event.

One is not worried that the opposition PDP out of desperation have decided to kick start their 2023 governorship campaign ahead of INEC official timetable, but what is indeed worrisome is the ugly impression of using Owerri zone as an instrument in the pursuit of their political interest. It must be stated in an unmistakable term that the position of the embittered opposition PDP as represented in the Coalition for Owerri Zone Re-awakening does not in any way reflect the aspiration and yearnings of the enterprising people of Owerri zone.

It is important to place on record, that in recognition and appreciation of governor Uzodimma’s leadership fecundity, the leaders of Owerri zone representing the traditional rulers, captains of industry, religious leaders, political class, community leaders, women and youths organized first of it’s kind civic reception in honor of the governor. This represents the sentiment of the people of Owerri zone towards him and his administration. The reception was symbolic as it was historic!

A summary look at the theme of the Egbu political jamboree, reveals an unimaginable state of hopelessness, frustration, bitterness and melancholy of the opposition People’s Democratic Party in the state. One can feel the desperation for power! The desperation has graduated to a miserable state of lamentation. You can imagine the topic “Mmegbu adighi nma!!” What an emotional blackmail?

But it is seems that the entire project is weaved in hypocrisy and would therefore yield no value. The popular saying goes that those who come to equity must come with clean hands. It is laughable that a party that has no respect for justice could be championing equity.

Again, of great concern is the revelation that the much trumpeted noise about equity is the fact that it is woven around one personality, Emeka Ihedioha. The political history of Ihedioha and his journey to the national assembly remain a great damage to any course of justice and equity. Ihedioha’s ascendence to political glory was a product of ‘political mmegbu’, injustice and inequity.

It is unfortunate that the opposition PDP and its promoters seems comfortable with everything woven around a man who undermined the course of justice and equity on his way to the top. It is true that no man shortchanges nature. What you plant, you must harvest. In the early morning of his political life, Ihedioha trampled on the sacred charter of equity between Aboh Mbaise and Ngor Okpala with its attendant consequences.

It is important to remind those who are still hanging on to PDP, that Ihedioha will never be governor of Imo State on the grounds of equity, justice and fairness. There is no profit in sin. It’s against the law of natural justice!! For, those who murdered sleep can never have their eyes closed. He who goes to equity, must go with clean hands.

Imo must be Recovered, Rehabilited and Reconstructed. To God be the glory!

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