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Okigwe Senate: My silence over Ohakim, a disservice to my conscience

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By Maazi Obinna Akuwudike

If I keep quiet over the Senatorial aspiration of former governor of Imo State, Dr Ikedi Ohakim, I would be doing myself, my conscience, the good people of Okigwe zone, Imo State and the entire South East, the greatest injustice and disservice.

There are two other senatorial zones in this state, but I have a special interest in Okigwe zone because this is the zone that stands the chance to give the entire South East the best Senator come 2023.

They also have the chance to squander our best chance, through lies and backbiting.

Nshiko mentality.

I don’t know how many of you that have watched Dr Ikedi Ohakim’s 2007 speech at the World Igbo Congress, which held in Detroit USA. I’ll add that video below for your viewing pleasure.

That speech was one of the reason I started supporting Dr Ikedi Ohakim and the main reason why I believe Ohakim is the best the entire South East, not just Okigwe, would be sending to Abuja to speak on matter concerning the people.

I was one of the first people to urge Dr Ikedi Ohakim towards Okigwe Senate seat.

That was in 2019.

He wasn’t keen about the idea. He wanted to serve from the sideline but for better impact, I was of the view that he needed to get into the ring.

I know others had also been calling and urging him and I’m grateful to those who took the bull by the horn to bring him into the contest by procuring the nomination forms for him.

I remember telling him one evening at his three bedroom bungalow at Prefab, that the Senate was the best place for him, as I understood how he felt for the people and knew that aside from being govenror, the senate was next best place where he can achieve lasting positive impact to the lives of the people.

An unapologetic Igbo man, the Civil War veteran is regarded by most as the most misunderstood politician in Imo State, but the detained IPOB leader saw through the lies brought against him, to discover a man with the burning desire for the growth of Ala Igbo, which was why Nnamdi Kanu extended an invitation and hosted Dr Ikedi Ohakim in his home at Abia State in May of 2017.

Some people say Dr Ikedi Ohakim talks a lot but that is what Okigwe, Imo State and the South East needs in Abuja right now; somebody who will be loud enough to be heard.

With very few voices speaking for the South East, important opportunities have over the years been lost.

Take for instance the railway project which the South East was excluded because we didn’t have strong voices speaking for us.

It would not be the case with Dr Ikedi Ohakim.

We need that man who will scream injustice at the hallowed chambers at the tops of his voice, who will move from committee to committee to ensure his people are not shortchanged in the scheme of things. We need that man who will dance naked if that’s what will get the needed attention for his people.

We can only get that if we send the best man for the job and that man is Dr Ikedi Ohakim.

You know, it’s one thing to send somebody to Abuja but let’s ask ourselves, does the person you are sending, understand what it takes to represent the people?

When many were still basking in the lies used by the real enemies of the people, against Dr Ikedi Ohakim, the man who those lies favoured in 2011, Senator Rochas Okorocha, was confessing to Dr Ikedi Ohakim in my presence in 2019, that after Chief Sam Mbakwe, Ohakim was the best Imo has ever had.

That confession came as a confirmation to me, that I wasn’t wrong in voting for Dr Ikedi Ohakim in 2011 when I didn’t even know him one-on-one and supporting him since then.

If Okorocha could admit it openly, why then are you still struggling with sentimental lies rather than embracing your best?

Let’s come down to the people who will do the voting; Okigwe people.

Okigwe zone have been plagued with so much underrepresentation right from 1999, that the people require more than ever, a man driven with the burning desire to serve, to be able to get the zone to the level of other zones in the state and even overtake them and Dr Ikedi Ohakim presents that opportunity to Okigwe people.

Never again will representation be for a few, where all the benefits are distributed amongst political associates and aides, rather than brought to the people that need them.

Having gotten the opportunity to know this man and how he thinks about the people, it would be the greatest disservice and injustice to myself, to the people of Okigwe zone, Imo and the entire South East, if I keep what I know about him to myself.

The Ikedi Ohakim project is not just an Okigwe project neither is it limited to Imo State.

it is a South Eastern agenda.

Sending Dr Ikedi Ohakim to the Senate is once again giving the South East a voice.

Nde Okigwe, don’t deny us this opportunity.

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