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Owerri Senate Seat: Looking beyond APC and PDP

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As the race for the Owerri Senate seat hots up, there comes the need for the people to seek effective representation, which goes beyond the political party we belong to.

At the forefront of agitation for representation is the All Progressives Congress APC and the Peoples Democratic Party PDP.

But if we can tell ourselves the truth, can these two parties give us the representation the people need?

Or are they there to represent other interests different from the people?

With these two major parties, it has always been money politics.

From the party tickets to the delegate, the PDP and APC have always been for the biggest spenders and that is why they have never given us good representation over the years.

As the 2023 election draws close, they are at it again gearing up to play more money politics.

But let’s ask ourselves, have their money politics ever had any positive impact on the lives of our people?

From the thuggery and violence it brings about, to poor representation as those who spent so much to get into power, now see it as a business and their profit is the constituency allowances meant for the people, which they divert into their private pockets.

Owerri zone in recent times, is a point of note, where after every four years, we keep wondering if we have senators sent to Abuja to represent the people, as none have yet given us reason to send them back again.

Where are the roads they attracted? Where are the development facilities? Where are the jobs?

They cannot give these to you because they spent too much in their party, buying the ticket and the votes that sent them to Abuja.

It’s high time Ndi Owerri take another look beyond the APC and PDP and like the people of Ondo some time ago elected a governor from little known Labour party, let’s come in one Accord and send our best to the Red chamber.

Owerri Zone, Imo State, the South East as a whole need men who’s first and only interest is giving the people the best representation and Chief Mike Nwachukwu stands tall over the money bags who are scrambling to grab more to what the have, with no interest in representing the people.

Let’s join Mike Nwachukwu in one Accord and with a united vision, we’ll move Owerri Zone and the South East forward in development and effective representation.

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