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Ukraine: Putin failed the lesson he wanted to teach, learning how not to be a bully

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by Onwuasoanya FCC Jones

Without the invasion of Ukraine, Putin’s Russia would have sustained the perception of its military invincibility. But, the Ukrainian war happened, and the world is seeing how quickly a big military power could be weakened, just because the West is united and Ukrainians are resilient.

If you don’t learn any lessons from the ongoing war, learn the importance of restraint, especially in dealing with people or groups you consider inferior to you. You should also learn how not to be a bully.

Putin thought he had all things planned out, and was looking forward to a sort of police action which would last a few days and Ukraine would fall, and he would probably have Zelensky in the grave or on the run. But, this is the 80th day, and instead of Ukraine crouching on its knees begging Russia for sympathy, it is the other way round.

Putin wanted to use Ukraine to teach other neighbors of his a lesson on the dangers of joining NATO or maintaining close relations with the West. He had presumed that after dealing with Ukraine, Sweden and Finland would have their tails in between their legs, begging to become their client States like Belarus, but it is going the other way round. These Baltic nations are bringing NATO war machines even closer to Russia’s doors.

Do not be too confident when dealing with someone or a group you consider weak, because like they say in my place; “A child that dances on the roadside must have someone playing him a good music from the bush. The West, without deploying a quarter of its military capacities have exposed Russia as a weak nation by using Ukraine to deal it one of its worst military blows, and it will take ages for that nation to recover. What is however certain is that Putin won’t be President, when and if Russia would recover from this demystification.

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