Imo PDP Primaries: Sadly, Ihedioha Won!


I have always respected Chief Emeka Ihedioha as one of the most tactical politicians in Imo State. He talks little, but plans a lot. I once described him as one of the most dangerous democratic coupists in Nigeria. However, I was hoping against hope that Samdaddy was coming to demystify him for good.

Ihedioha doesn’t waste his time on aimless battles. He doesn’t waste his missiles shooting to impress, he shoots on the target and at the right time. Ihedioha won the soul of Imo PDP a long time before these primaries, but I was thinking that with Samdaddy’s emergence as the National Secretary of the Party, he could use his influence to thwart, at least half of Ihedioha’s electoral plans, but oke anaghi eri ihe onye mu anya. Ihedioha knew that this could happen and planned ahead of time to thwart the hijack of the Party structure from him.

I remember when I had this discussion about a year ago with my brother and political enemy, Collins Opurozor . He told me assuredly that they (Ihedioha’s group) were ready for whatever Samdaddy was up to and they were going to frustrate his plans. I knew the man Ihedioha and didn’t have any doubts he could, but I didn’t want him to. Don’t ask me why.

When Samdaddy struck initially, I was happy. I thought he was going to carry the day, especially, in some areas. But, like Collins promised, Ihedioha’s men thwarted the plans. It is not because Samdaddy isn’t a good player, but he certainly came up against a prepared and probably, a hungrier troop. The best way to treat a reconciled enemy is never to trust him. Ihedioha played along with Samdaddy, but never trusted him, he never lost his vigilance.

So, after all the back and forth, the cold wars, and all the backroom deals, Ihedioha won. Ihedioha’s men may not have taken it all, but Ihedioha won everywhere he was keen on winning. Even the most unlikeliest of places. Okay, you can say that he lost Orlu Senate, but that’s not a loss actually, he had his two friends in the race, while I think he might have preferred a ThankGod, but a Jones victory is his victory and stopping Jerry Alagbaoso was a victory on its own. Most importantly, he won Owerri Senate. That’s where the real battle took place. Samdaddy’s man was pushed to a humiliating last position, and Onyeagucha took the day, allegedly, without spending half what his rivals spent.

Maybe, at the right time, I will try to let my Party know what this Ihedioha’s overwhelming victory means for our Party, so, we can begin early to plan towards scuttling it. But, I will quickly advise that we don’t take this outcome lightly.

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