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Update: How Ekweremadu Was Betrayed; Denied Bail, Remains In Custody; Daughter Needed Kidney Transplants

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Former Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu, has been denied bail, Thursday, by an Uxbridge Magistrate Court, London.

This is as it was revealed that Ekweremadu’s daughter needed a kidney transplant. For that, according to a post by Oseni Rufai, Ekweremadu allegedly, illegally procured travel documents for a homeless 15 year old, and allegedly, put his age at 21. He was said to have promised the minor a better life.

Rufai’s post reads: “Ekweremadu’s daughter needed a kidney.  So, he brought a 15 year old homeless boy illegally obtained passport stating the boy was 21. The boy was promised a better life. The former Senate President has been denied bail.”

But another source who pleaded for anonymity because he was not permitted by the family explained wrote:

“The Senator’s first daughter needed a transplant. The choice the couple had were to file an application and wait for a willing or matching donor or to find one from Nigeria.

“The Ekweremadus took a willing donor to London but I don’t know whether they met with all legal documentation. They may have but there is certainly a complication somewhere for the police to arrest them.

“The donor apparently disappeared on getting to London, only to resurface at Immigration to ask for asylum. I guess this was what triggered a police investigation

“The issue will most likely be resolved if the Met Police is satisfied that there is no criminal intent.

“This is not an official position because I do not speak for the family. So do not quote me please. I only write this because I feel for them and for their daughter who is still battling for life as her parents are locked up.”

Senator Ekweremadu and his wife, Nwanneka, were arrested on arrival at the Heathrow Airport, London, by the Metropolitan Police, and slammed into detention. They were taken to Court Thursday, June 23, 2022, and were charged with alleged organ harvesting and conspiracy.

The child has been taken into safety.

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