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Friday, February 3, 2023

SamDaddyPhobia Causing Goose Pimples For Ihedioha’s Political Associates

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Current happenings has shown that the political associates of Emeka Ihedioha and some power brokers in Imo State are not finding it easy with the rising popularity and acceptability of the National Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party, Sen.Samuel Anyanwu, (Samdaddy), who is eyeing the ticket of Imo PDP ahead of November, 2023 Governorship election.

That has resulted to the many attacks and sponsored media reports against Samdaddy by associates and aides of the former deputy speaker of the House of Representatives, Chief Emeka Ihedioha.

Despite all these attacks, Sen.Samuel Anyanwu, Samdaddy has continue to reach out as well as consult critical stakeholders and leaders in the state with possible solutions on how to restore relative peace in the state.

This is unlike other aspirants whose antecedents are against the tides.

Amongst all jostling for the governorship seat ahead of the November 2023 election in the state, Sen Samuel Anyanwu, Samdaddy is about the only aspirant who is enjoying genuine goodwill and support across the three geopolitical zones in the state.

The support for Sen Samuel Anyanwu, Samdaddy ranges from endorsment by critical party officers, stakeholders, support groups as well as various clans in the state.

This development is not however going down well in the hearts of associates of the former deputy speaker of the House of Representatives and sacked Imo governor, Chief Emeka Ihedioha.

The recent statement by close allies and associates of Ihedioha has been perceived by Imolites to be one of the many antics being put in place to cut down the rising support and chances of Samdaddy’s governorship victory.

According to Chief Mike Ahamba, Air Cmdr Luke Ochulor and Chief P.G.U Madu in a recent press statement jointly signed, with the title: “2023: MBAISE CLAN SOLIDLY SUPPORTS  IHEDIOHA FOR IMO GOVERNORSHIP SEAT.


“Our attention has been drawn to a purported endorsement of Senator Samuel Anyanwu, National Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP,  for the 2023 Imo State governorship election by some individuals in Mbaise Clan.

“We wish to make it clear that we were not part of any such meeting or its  purported outcome. 

“It is important to restate that the entire Mbaise Clan is obviously and solidly in total support of their son, His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha, CON, who was duly elected by the good people of Imo State in the March 9, 2019 governorship election.

“We make no pretences to state the fact that Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha remains the darling and indeed the popular choice of the Imo electorate ahead of this year’s governorship election based on his sterling leadership qualities and unrivaled scorecard during the seven.months of his Rebuild Imo administration. 

We wish to seize this opportunity to caution overzealous elements not to play politics with our emotions. 

“Finally, rumour mongers, peddlers of fake news, divisive elements and purveyors of deceitful ambition are hereby warned to steer clear of Mbaise land and desist from making further reckless and inflammatory statement with serious issues of governance of our State at this very critical time”.

This statement above according to political pundits exposed the height of desperation of the Mbutu Mbaise born politician, Chief Emeka Ihedioha.

In the words of Ihenacho Anyanwu an indigene of Mbaise, ( “Finally, rumour mongers, peddlers of fake news, divisive elements and purveyors of deceitful ambition are hereby warned to steer clear of Mbaise land and desist from making further reckless and inflammatory statement with serious issues of governance of our State at this very critical time”.)
His Excellency Air. Cmdr. Luke Ochulor
Apex Leader, PDP, Ezinihitte Mbaise LGA
Chief Mike Ahamba SAN
Apex Leader, PDP,  Aboh Mbaise LGA. 
Chief PGU Madu
Apex Leader, PDP Ahiazu Mbaise LGA. )

“The above referenced paragraph and quote was taken from a release issued by Luke Ochulor, Mike Ahamba, PGU Madu in reaction to an earlier signed publication whereby Senator Samuel Anyanwu ( Samdaddy ) was adopted by a cross section of PDP leaders of Mbaise extraction to run for the governorship of Imo State.

In their counter declaration, Luke Ochulor, Mike Ahamba, PGU Madu, claiming the apex leadership of PDP in the three local government areas that made up the Mbaise nation has issued a fatwa on Samdaddy Anyanwu and his supporters, (QUOTE), “divisive elements and purveyors of deceitful ambition” to steer clear of Mbaise Land.

Luke Ochulor, Mike Ahamba, PGU Madu, in their statement also proclaimed Rt. Hon Emeka Ihedioha as the only adopted Mbaise son for the Imo governorship.

The question is this; Is Emeka Ihedioha truly a democrat.? Was it afterall a mistake to have groomed Ihedioha to such political heights that he previously occupied?

How on earth in a democracy will Luke Ochulor, Mike Ahamba, PGU Madu, warn Samdaddy Anyanwu and his supporters to “steer clear of Mbaise land”?

Is Mbaise Land governed by a different law outside the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria which guarantees freedom of movement, expression and association?

What offence did Samdaddy Anyanwu and his supporters commit against Mbaise Land that will warrant their being warned to steer clear?

Is the ambition of Emeka Ihedioha an Mbaise affair? Should all Mbaise people subordinate their rights and freedoms to that of Emeka Ihedioha?

Why is the name of Emeka Ihedioha always in the public for the wrong reasons.?

Ihedioha was against Governor Hope Uzodimma’s Chieftaincy title by Mbaise Traditional Rulers. Such pettiness.

Ihedioha was against Igbo’s running for President and declared Igbo sons and daughters who support Peter Obi race as saboteurs. Such an affront.

Ambassador Kema Chikwe was called unprintable names for raising her voice for a level playing field for aspirants.

Nineteen PDP local government Chairmen were illegally suspended but reversed by the PDP NWC just for attending a meeting called by Samdaddy Anyanwu.

Now, this same Ihedioha has pitched the entire Mbaise Land into his political quest.

How can, Luke Ochulor, Mike Ahamba, PGU Madu, who claim to be apex leaders of PDP warn people to steer clear of Mbaise Land. Are they the sole owners of Mbaise Land. Is Mbaise Land an apartheid enclave with segregationist rules and regulations?

Is Mbaise Land the personal inheritance of Luke Ochulor, Mike Ahamba, PGU Madu, which they have now donated to Ihedioha and his faction of the PDP.

If Luke Ochulor, Mike Ahamba, PGU Madu, can warn their own PDP party members to steer way from Mbaise Land, then we can imagine what awaits other political parties in Mbaise Land.

Is the warning by Luke Ochulor, Mike Ahamba, PGU Madu, that non supporters of Ihedioha should steer clear of Mbaise Land not a threat ?

Must Emeka Ihedioha issue threat and fatwa on the heads of other Imo citizens? Is it allowed in a democracy?

With the abductions, and killings occurring in Imo State, is it proper to inflame the polity by Emeka Ihedioha.?

This calls for caution.

Yours truly quite appreciate the concerns of Imolites regarding the counter declaration jointly signed by the trio of Air Cmdr Luke Achulor, Chief Mike Ahamba and Chief PGU Madu, no reasonable Mbaise indigene will align his or herself to such divisive declaration by very respected Mbaise sons who have decided to allow one man’s desperation soil their hard earned reputation.

Methinks, the counter declaration by these three very respected Mbaise leaders could be linked to what I describe as SAMDADDYPHOBIA and I dare to ask, why is Ihedioha afraid of contest? Is power served alarcate? Why coarse people to support his ambition when he knows too well that the grace of God has left him. Chief Emeka Ihedioha should be grateful to the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Imo State chapter, the entire Mbaise nation and Imolites for his twenty years reign in the political space as a lawmaker and executive governor ( House of Representatives between 2003-2015 where he exited as deputy speaker), (2015- January 2020 as guber candidate of Imo PDP and exited on January 20th, 2020 as executive governor of the the state where he served for Seven months).

Mbaise People should speak up now the ovation is loudest by calling Chief Emeka Ihedioha to order. The personal interest of one man cannot overide the interest of a greater population of Mbaise Clan, to be fore warned is to be fore armed.

Written by Sunny Ndukwu, KSM, a Journalist, Public Affairs Analyst,
Writes from Ngor Okpala LGA, Imo State.

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