Top Bachelor Scholarships To Study In Canada


Bachelor Scholarships To Study In Canada are the list of Scholarship Opportunities Available to Foreign students Aspiring to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Canada.


The Highlighted Undergraduate scholarships in this blog post are also suitable for international students, already pursuing an Undergraduate degree in Canada.

Canadian educational system houses some of the best institutions in the world, for instance, institutions like the University of British Columbia which is ranked among the Top 50 world universities for undergraduate study.


Canadian universities are well known at offering undergraduate programs that emphasizes more on Equipping undergraduate Students with practical skills,with respect to thier Field of Study.

Honestly pursuing a Bachelor Degree in Canada,will sincerely help expose you to the right exposure you need to advance in your Career,most especially if you are studying an Undergraduate degree program that is related to the medical field.

Due to the high cost of tuition for most undergraduate programs in Canada,it is quite necessary you apply for any of the Top Scholarships available to undergraduate students in Canada,this will go a long way in reducing or alleviate the Financial burden of pursuing an Undegraduate degree.

For your sole benefit,we have listed some of the top Bachelor Scholarships To Study In Canada,do well to read through which of the scholarship is preferable to you.


Bachelor Scholarships To Study In Canada

Below is a compiled list of Undegraduate Scholarships Available to International students in Canada,sit tight and read through.

  • International Major Entrance Scholarships
  • Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship Program
  • Outstanding International students Award
  • Quebec Merit Scholarship For Foreign Students

1.International Major Entrance Scholarships

  • Scholarship Worth:$20,000 per year

The International Major Entrance Scholarships are for distinctive international students who have receive a provisional admission to Pursue an Undergraduate Degree at University of British Columbia.

International students are Awarded the International Major Entrance Scholarships for thier outstanding Academic performance in thier previous line of study.

The International Major Entrance is a Fully Funded Undegraduate Scholarship,it is renewable every year,so far the Students maintains or Improves his/her Academic performance.

Scholarship Requirements

  • Aspiring students for this Scholarship must be Enrolling for an Academic program for the First time at UBC
  • To be considered for this Scholarshp as an International students you must possess a Study permit
  • International students must have an Outstanding Performance in thier High School
  • Aspiring Students must not be a beneficiary of any other Canadian Scholarship

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2.Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship Program

  • Scholarship Worth:$10,000

The next on our list of Bachelor Scholarships To Study In Canada is the Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship Program.

The Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship program has been in Existence since 1959,this Scholarship is awarded to Exceptional international students who are part of the commonwealth Member nations.

This Scholarship opportunity covers Tuition Fees for every beneficiary,throughout thier year of study,furthermore a sum of $10,000 will be offered to Beneficiaries of this Scholarship Award.

3.Outstanding International Student Award

  • Scholarship Worth:$10,000 to $25,000

Outstanding International Student Award,is also among the list of Undegraduate scholarship offered by the University of British Columbia.

This Scholarship Award is awarded once,students selected for this Scholarship opportunity are chosen based on thier distinctive Academic Ability,and thier involvements on extracurricular Activities that are Impactful.]

Undergraduate students who are Beneficiaries of this Scholarship opportunity will receive Funding based on thier previous Academic performance,students are been Funded between $10,000 to $25,000 as one-time payment to help aid thier Academic Career.

The Outstanding International Student Award has same Eligibility or Requirements as the International Major Entrance Scholarship.

4.Quebec Merit Scholarship For Foreign Students

Are you passionate About Studying in Quebec This Scholarship would Sincerely be a perfect Choice For you,this scholarship Award covers the Tuition Fees of talented international students Furthering thier Studies at any Institution.

The Quebec Scholarship For Foreign Students is being Funded and managed by the Government of Quebec,it’s covers Tuition fees and Health insurance of Beneficiaries.

Aside from Undergraduate Students,this Scholarships also offers Financial aid to International students interested in Pursueing a Doctoral Degree or Vocational Program in Quebec.

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