Universities In Japan For International Students

Let’s have a quick look at some of the Top Universities In Japan For International Students, the listed Japanese Universities in this blog post have a high Acceptance rate for international Students.

Japan is one of the most preferred study destinations for international students interested in practical-related Academic programs like Engineering, Medical programs, computer-related programs e.t.c


Most of the Top institutions in Japan Emphasize more on Equipping thier students with First-hand practical skills that is related to thier course of study.

Also, Most Japanese universities are perfect sites for international students interested in Conducting or Engaging in any Research-related program.


Honestly pursuing an Academic Career in Japan as an International Student, will indeed provide you with the opportunity to learn about the rich and transforming culture of Japan, the country’s Traditions, and Technological Innovations.

Despite the quality of Education offered by most Japanese Schools, international Students faced with Language barriers are oftentimes discouraged from pursuing an Academic Career in Japan.

However, that shouldn’t be a problem any longer, because we have highlighted some of the top Universities in Japan offering Degree programs in English for the sake of International students who don’t understand the Japanese Language.

So if you are proficient in English, you can as well study in Japan, without understanding the Japanese Language, although it’s quite preferable you learn the Japanese Language for Easy communication, while you stay in Japan.


We suggest you visit the webpages of each of these Universities In Japan For International Students, to know which institution suits your goals and interest as an International student.

Universities In Japan For International Students

Welcome back friend, in this section we will review the Finest Universities In Japan For International Students, emphasizing on the type of program offered and thier location, including some other Factors.

  • Kyoto University
  • Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • Osaka University

1. Kyoto University

Kyoto University comes first on the list of Top Universities in Japan For International Students, this Japanese University is Situated in Kyoto, Japan.

Kyoto University was created on the 18th of June 1897, this Japanese University currently has over 22,000 Students, of which over 12,000 out of the total students are undergraduate students.

Surprisingly this Japanese institution offers both Bachelor’s and Undergraduate Degree programs in English Language, and a good number of the School’s medical programs are offered in English.

Kyoto University currently has over three(3) campuses, the Branch Campuses of this institution include Yoshida Campus, Uju Campus, and Katsura Campus.

Visit University Page

2. Tokyo Institute of Technology

The next Japanese University on our List is the Prestigious Tokyo Institute of Technology, this institution is the most preferred institution for International students who wish to pursue an Academic Career in the Field of Engineering.

The Head Campus of Tokyo Institute of Technology is Situated in the Tokyo area of Japan, the institution was established in 1881.

The Area of Speciality of this Institution is around the Field of Tech, reason while most programs offered are Technical-related programs, the Institution currently has over 9000 students studying tech-related programs.

Tokyo Institute of Technology currently has over three(3) substantive branch Campuses, which include Tamachi Campus, Ookayama Transport, and Suzukakedai Campus.

The Institution currently offers about twenty-four(24) graduate degree programs that are been taught in English language for the sake of international students. we suggest you visit the school website to learn more.

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3. Osaka University

The prestigious Osaka University is also among the best Universities In Japan For International Students, this institution was created in 1724.

Osaka University currently has overĀ  15,000 students,the institution currently has over eleven(11) Faculties housing it’s Bachelor degree programs and about sixteen(16) Graduate Schools housing all its graduate degree programs.

Osaka University is Sincerely one of the most preferred options for international students interested in studying any medical-related program in Japan, the school currently has two(2) hospitals where medical students can experiment and engage in practical training.

This Japanese Institution has over 3000 Academic Staff, Six(6) Research Institute, and Four world-class Libraries where students can study.

To gain Acceptance into any program offered at Osaka University, international students will need to pass the School’s Entrance exam which is quite difficult. Do well to visit the School’s webpage to know more.

Official Webpage of Osaka University Japan

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