Honjo Foundation Scholarship For International Students

Do you wish to study your preferred Post-graduate degree program on Scholarship at any Japanese Institution? if yes,we got you covered.

Through this Article, we will review the Prestigious Honjo Foundation Scholarship for International Students, this Scholarship is Specifically for international students who wish to pursue a master, or Ph.D. program in Japan.

The Honjo Foundation Scholarship For International Students is also for Foreigners who wish to Conduct Research or Study any Research related program at any Accredited Japanese.

This Scholarship Award is Funded by the Honjo International Scholarship Foundation, an NGO dedicated to helping international Students From Less or Underdeveloped Countries Fund thier Graduate Studies in Japan.

The Reverend Honjo International Scholarship Foundation was established by Masanori Honjo who was one of the top businessmen in Japan as at 1996 when he Founded the Honjo Foundation Scholarship for International Students.

Surprisingly Aspiring Graduate Students who are Japanese Descendants are also free to Apply for the Honjo Foundation Scholarship Award.

However the So-called Scholarship Award is a Fully Funded Scholarship opportunity, it covers Tuition, Flight Allowances, Accommodation, and transport Fares for Awardees of the Scholarship to Attend International Conferences.

Surprisingly Awardees or Beneficiaries of the Honjo Foundation Scholarship will be entitled to a Monthly Stipend Allowances Aside from thier Tuition Fee Payment.

This Japanese Scholarship Award is quite competitive, About Five Applicants are Selected yearly from theĀ  Numerous number of Applications received yearly.

International Students can apply for the Honjo Scholarship Award. irrespective of thier Country of Origin, provided they are admitted into any Graduate level at any Japanese University.

What Is The Cost of The Honjo Foundation Scholarship Award?

Below are some of the preferential Benefits Enjoyed by the Beneficiaries of the Honjo Foundation Scholarship Award.

  • Awardees pursuing a Two(2) year program in Japan, will be entitled to a monthly stipend of 210,000 Yen
  • International Students who are studying any Graduate program with a Duration of Three(3) years will be 190,000 Yen per month.
  • Students whose Study duration is Around Four to Five years will receive a monthly allowance of 160,000 Yen per month.
  • Tuition Fee payment All through the Duration of thier Studies.
  • Travel Allowances covering student’s transport Fare to International Conferences
  • Beneficiaries of this Scholarship opportunity will be opportune to attend any Event organized or Affiliated to the Honjo International Scholarship Foundation
  • Awardees of this Japanese Scholarship Award are Free to Take up any part-time Job provided it doesn’t Disturb thier Studies.Visit this Page to Know more about this Scholarship

Requirements For The Honjo Foundation Scholarship

1. Place of Origin

The Honjo Scholarship Board doesn’t Accept Applicants who are Japanese Citizens or applicants who have Japanese Residency Permits.

2. Admission

These Japanese Scholarship Awards are for International Students who have received a provisional Admission to study any Graduate Degree Program at any Japanese Institution.

Notwithstanding if you wish to be selected for this Scholarship Award, you must be admitted into a Graduate Degree program that lasts more than one year.

4. Age

Aspiring Master’s Degree Students who wish to be considered for this Scholarship opportunity must not be more than Thirty years of Age(30).

Whereas Foreign Students who are interested in benefiting from this Scholarship at Ph.D. degree level must not be more than Thirty-five(35) years of Age.

5. Career Path

Aspiring Students for this Scholarship must be willing to return to thier Home Country After thier Studies, so as to impact thier Country positively, through what they have learned so Far.

6. Language

Aspiring Students For the Honjo Foundation Scholarship Award must be fluent in the Japanese Language, and they must sincerely know how to Communicate in Japanese because the interview will be conducted in the Japanese Language

7. Previous Engagements

To be Selected for the Honjo Foundation Scholarship Award, international students must have engaged in any Impactful Community work.

Note: aspiring Students for this Scholarship opportunity must not be a Beneficiary of any other Japanese based Scholarship Award.


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