Rotary Peace Fellowship Scholarship Award

Do you want to study on Scholarship while you pursue a Graduate Degree program at USA, Japan, Australia, Sweden, and Thailand? if yes we got you covered.

Through this article, we will discuss about the popular Rotary Peace Fellowship program, a Scholarship program sponsored by Rotary International.

The prestigious Rotary International has been in existence since February 23 1905, the organization’s headquarters is situated at the City of Chicago, United states.

Rotary International is actually a Humanitarian agency that fosters peace, providing Humanitarian Care and also promoting goodwill around the world.

This Humanitarian Agency is in charge of the Rotary Peace Fellowship program, the Rotary Peace Fellowship is a fully funded Scholarship program for post-graduate degree programs.

So if you sincerely wish to pursue a master’s or Ph.D. program on Scholarship, without paying a dime, the Rotary Peace Fellowship program, should sincerely be a perfect choice for you.

Through this Scholarship program, you will be opportune to study your preferred master’s or Ph.D. degree program for Free at any institution located in Thailand, USA, UK, Australia, Sweden, or Japan.

The Rotary Peace Fellowship Scholarship Award covers the Tuition fees, accommodation, to and Fro transportation expenses, internship, and research-related expenses.

Surprisingly the Rotary Peace Fellowship Award is also suitable for international students who wish to pursue a Certificate or professional program at any designated institution in any of the aforementioned countries.

Some of the Designated institutions where you benefit from the Rotary Peace Fellowship program while studying your preferred graduate or certificate program include the International Christian University Japan, University of Bradford UK, University of Queensland Australia, Duke University USA, Makerere University Uganda e.t.c.

For Every year this Scholarship program Awards a total sum of hundred and thirty(130) aspiring Graduate students from different Countries of the world, with about fifty Scholarship Awards for Master’s Students and about Eighty(80) Scholarship Awards to Aspiring P.h.D Degree Students

Notwithstanding let’s dive deep into the prestigious Rotary Peace Fellowship program, stating its Eligibility and Application processes.

What are the benefits of the Rotary Peace fellowship?

  • Tuition Fees Payment
  • Accommodation
  • Coverage of Transportation Expenses
  • Internship Allowance
  • Coverage of Expenses incurred due to Student Research or Field projects.

Requirements For The Rotary Peace Fellowship Scholarship Award

1. Experience

To be Qualified for the Rotary Peace Fellowship program, international students must have at least Three(3) years of experience with respect to thier preferred master’s degree program.

However, Aspiring Students who wish to pursue any professional or Certificate degree program through the Rotary Peace Fellowship program must at least have close to Five(5) years of Experience in any study that correlates with thier preferred Certificate or professional program.

2. Language Proficiency

Aspiring International Students for The Rotary Peace Fellowship program must have English Language proficiency, they will need to present Test Scores like TOEFL and IELTS to prove thier Proficiency in English.

3. Previous Degree

International students interested in the Rotary Peace Fellowship program must have been Studied a related undergraduate program previously, before attempting to pursue a master’s, P.h.D , or any Certificate program through this Scholarship program.

4. Leadership Ability

Aspiring Students for the Rotary Peace Scholarship program, are selected based on thier previous engagements as leaders at any level, and also on how impactful and influential they are. Students are also selected based on thier Commitment to any Community work.

Do well to click here To know more About The Rotary Peace Fellowship Scholarship Award, Including it’s Application procedure.


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