Best Fully Funded Scholarship In Germany For Undergraduate Students

Germany is indeed one of the most Affordable study destinations in Europe, the Country has a good number of Free Schools where international students can study for free without paying a Dime.

Notwithstanding our major Focus in this Article is to show you some of the best Fully Funded Scholarship In Germany For Undergraduate.


The highlighted Scholarships in this blog post will help assist you in studying your preferred Bachelor’s Degree program in Germany for Free.

The Highlighted Scholarships in this Blogpost will sincerely cover the Undergraduate Tuition Fees of prospective international students who are beneficiaries.


Ensure you read through each of the highlighted Undergraduate Scholarship Vividly to Ascertain the Scholarship that Suits your Interest.

Fully Funded Scholarship In Germany For Undergraduate

Let’s see some of the Fully Funded Scholarship In Germany For Undergraduate Students, more emphasis will be on the Requirements of these Scholarships.

  • SBW Berlin Scholarships
  • Deutsche Bundesstiftung Ummelt Scholarship
  • Hans Bockler Foundation Scholarship
  • Erasmus Scholarship

1.SBW Berlin Scholarships

The SBW Berlin Scholarships is among the Fully funded Undergraduate scholarship opportunities Available to International students in Germany.

This German Scholarship covers the complete tuition fee of international Students pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Germany.


Aside from covering the tuition fees of International students who are beneficiaries, SBW Berlin Scholarships also provides students with monthly Allowance, Accommodation, and Travel Allowance.

Surprisingly International Students could leverage on the SBW Berlin Scholarships, to pursue a Master’s Degree program, After Successful completion of the Bachelor’s Degree program.

SBW Berlin Scholarships Accept international students from Financially poor Backgrounds, most especially students from Developing Countries of the world.

International Students are awarded this Scholarship for the sole purpose of Equipping them with the right education and skills, that will in return impact thier home country positively.

Scholarship Requirements

  • Applicants must be Between the Ages of Eighteen(18) and Thirty
  • International students Applying For this Scholarship must have English language proficiency
  • Prospective Applicants must have received a provisional admission to study at any German University before Applying.
  • Aspiring Students will need to submit a Financial Statement that proves students,he/she earns below the Average income of thier Home Country
  • Applicants must have volunteered previously for any community work.

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2.Deutsche Bundesstiftung Ummelt Scholarship

The Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt Scholarship is also part of the Fully Funded Undergraduate Scholarships Available to International students in Germany.

Deutsche Bundesstifftung Unmelt Scholarship is among the numerous Scholarship Awards funded by the German Government.

This Scholarship Awards  covers all expenses of undergraduate students who wish to embark on a scientific or professional internship in Germany.

International students chosen for this Scholarship will be entitled to receive About 1,350 euros every week, pending the time thier internship duration in Gaerman elapses.

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3. Hans Bockler Foundation Scholarship

Hans Bockler Foundation Scholarship comes next on our List of Fully Funded Scholarship In Germany For Undergraduate.

This Scholarship opportunity provides international with a fully funded Undergraduate Degree for free at any German University.

This scholarship Award is managed by a non-profit organization which facilitates topnotch research  and Education in Germany.

Beneficiaries of this Scholarship award will be entitled to a monthly stipend of 597 Euros pending when they finish thier Undergraduate Degree in Germany.

In Addition the Hans Bockler Foundation Scholarship also provides students with a 300 euros for book Allowance,Aside from the Tuition fees paid yearly.

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4.Erasmus Scholarship

  • Scholarship worth:24,000 Euro

Erasmus Scholarship is among the list of scholarship managed by the European Union,it’s a Fully funded scholarship opportunity for international students interested in studying any of the Erasmus mundus programs offered in some top Institution in Europe.

So if you wish to pursue an a masters or P.h.d Degree after Graduation,Erasmus Mundus Scholarship should sincerely be a perfect choice.

International Students who qualify for this Scolarship  opportunity will receive over 24,000 Euros yearly,all through thier study period.

Scholarship Requirements

  • International students Applying for this Scholarship must come from a EU member States
  • Applicants must fulfill the basic requirements of thier Prefered course of study at the university.

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