Varnier Canada Graduate Scholarships For International Students

The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships are for Prolific Doctoral Students who wish to acquire a PhD degree in Canada, this Scholarship Award is funded and administrated by the Canadian Government.

Based on Research the scholarship was created inĀ  2008 by the Canadian Government, the major aim of creating this Scholarship was to gain the attention of world Class Doctoral Students irrespective of thier Country of Origin.


Surprisingly this Scholarship opportunity was named after a renowned Governor General of Canada, in person of Georges P. Vernier.

Georges P. Vernier was actually the First French Speaking Governor in General, the scholarship was named after him due to his Unwavering Commitment to public service, he contributed immensely in improving the Canadian Society.


The Varnier Canada Graduate Scholarships is aimed at selecting prospective doctoral students who possess Great leadership Abilities just Like George P.Vernier, beneficiaries of this Scholarship opportunity are chosen with respect to their commitment in improving the quality of Life in Canada just Like Vernier.

To Qualify for the Varnier Canada Graduate Scholarships as an International student you must possess Distinctive Academic grades in your previous Study, You must also have what it takes to carry out top-notch Research, and also possess crucial Leadership Skills that Fit your Line of study.

International Students who qualify for the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships, will be entitled to receive $50,000 per year, for about Three years of thier Doctoral program.

Varnier Canada Graduate Scholarships is quite competitive, Students are not allowed to apply directly to the Scholarship board.


To qualify for this Scholarship Student’s preferred school in Canada will have to Forward thier name to the Scholarship board for Acceptance.

How Much Is The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship?

The Worth of the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship is around $50,000, it’s is been paid yearly, throughout the Ph.D. program of the Supposed Students.

What Is The Success Rate of The Vanier Scholarship?

The success rate of Vanier Scholarship depends on the number of Applications received yearly and the Available Funds, about 15% of applications are accepted yearly out of the total number of applications received Yearly.

This Simply means,the higher the number of applicants and the quality of Applications received, the higher the chances of Accepting more students into the scholarship program.

How Many People Get Vanier Scholarship?

For Every year over Hundred and Sixty-six(166) Varnier Canada Graduate Scholarships are awarded to International students Yearly, so for Every 166 Doctoral students are likely to Receive the Vernier Canada Graduate Scholarship.

Is Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship Fully funded?

Yes, Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships is a Fully Funded Scholarship program, covering the expenses of beneficiaries all through thier study period.

Scholarship Requirements

  • Aspiring Students students could either be Canadian Citizens, or International students with study permit to pursue a career in Canada
  • Prospective Applicants must be enrolled in a Graduate Degree program at Any Canadian Institution
  • Aspiring Students must be nominated by thier Prefered Canadian School
  • Applicants must not be beneficiaries of any other doctoral-level scholarship program.
  • International students must have achieved a first-class Average in thier institution

How do I get a Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship?

1. Clarify all potential Requirements

Before Applying For the Vanier Canada Scholarship International students should ensure they have all it takes to apply.

Some of the necessary Acceptance Criteria for this Scholarship opportunity include outstanding Academic records, unwavering potential to carry out Topnotch research, participation in a Doctoral program at a well-known Institution in Canada,and Nomination by your Choice School in Canada

2. Find a Suitable Canadian School

To Get the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship students must be enrolled in a Canadian Institution that has the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship Allocation.

3. Find a Supervisor

You are advised to seek the Guidance of an Experienced Supervisor while preparing your Application, this will help strengthen the quality of your Application.

A good Academic Supervisor will assist you in choosing suitable programs and Institutions that aligns with your Research interest as an Individual.

4. Gather All Necessary documents that will aid your application

Do well to compile all the needed documents and materials that will aid your application, and arrange them with respect to thier importance.

Some of the important documents for the Vanier Canada Scholarship include academic transcripts, Research proposals,recommendation letters, CVs or Resume e.t.c.

5. Submit your Application

Your ApplicationĀ  for the Vanier Canada Scholarship should be submitted through your preferred university in Canada, Click here to get more detailed information about the Vanier Canada Scholarship Award at University of Alberta.

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