Best Scholarships In Australia For International Students

if you are passionate about studying in Australia, we got you covered, I will be showing some of the Top Scholarships In Australia For International Students.

Australia is among the most Capped destinations for International students interested in Furthering thier Studies Abroad.


The Educational system in Australia is currently ranked third in the world coming after countries like the United States and United Kingdom.

Honestly Pursuing an Academic Career in Australia is indeed worthwhile considering the enormous opportunities you tend to harness, during your stay inĀ  Australia.


One Interesting Feature about pursuing an Academic career in Australia is that the certificate earned in Australia is internationally Recognisable, meaning Graduates of Australian institutions can practice thier profession anywhere in the world, provided they have what it takes.

However, we understand that the cost of tuition might discourage international students from coming to Australia to study, reason why we compiled some of the available Scholarship opportunities for International students in Australia, Ensure you read through Carefully we have you covered.

Scholarships In Australia For International Students

In this Section, I will review each of the Top Scholarships In Australia For International Students, ensure you read through with Keen Attention.

  • Australian Development Scholarship
  • Destination Australia Scholarship
  • Australian Research Training Program Scholarships

1. Australian Development Scholarship

The Australian Development Scholarship is been managed by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, this Scholarship opportunity are for international students from Underdeveloped countries, most especially international students from the Indo-Pacific region.


Australian Development Scholarship is actually a Fully funded Scholarship covering all supposed expenses associated with pursuing an undergraduate or Post-graduate Degree at any Australian Institution.

Scholarship Feature

  • Air Travel Allowance
  • Tuition Fees Coverage
  • Pre-course English Fees
  • Overseas Students’ Health Cover
  • Monthly Stipend to Cover student’s Living Expenses

Scholarship Requirements

  • Applicants must not be less than Eighteen years of Age
  • Aspiring Students must come from an Under-developed country, most especially African Nations
  • Applicants must not be a Citizens of Australia, or hold any permanent Residency permit in Australia
  • Aspiring Students must not be married or related to any Australian Citizen in any way
  • Applicants must not be Serving military personnel
  • International Students Applying For this Program must not be an Ex-convict

Visit Scholarship Page To learn more

2. Destination Australia Scholarship

  • Scholarship Worth:$15,000

Destination Australian Scholarship is also among the available scholarship opportunities For International Students In Australia.

The Destination Australia Scholarship is aimed at encouraging International students to pursue a Career at any institution Situated in the Regional Area of Australia.

However, some of the Top Regional Areas in Australia Include Adelaide, Canberra, Wollongong, Gold Coast, Perth, Darwin, Queensland e.t.c.

The Worth of the Destination Australia Scholarship Award is Around $15,000, the Scholarship Covers Student’s Tuition Fees and other Living Expenses of Students while Furthering thier studies in Australia.

Aspiring Students for this Scholarship Award must from an Underdeveloped Country outside Australia, Over Five-hundred(500) International students are Awarded this Scholarship opportunity Yearly.

Destination Australia Scholarship Awards are for International Students interested in pursuing an Undergraduate, Master and Ph.D. Degree in Australia. Visit the below link to learn more about this Scholarship opportunity.

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3. Australian Research Training Program Scholarships

Coming next on our list of Scholarships In Australia For International Students is the Australian Research Training Program Scholarship.

This Scholarship Award was established on the 1st of January 2017, the scholarship was created to provide Financial assistance to students who wish to pursue a Research Degree at either Masters or Ph.D. level.

Surprisingly the Australian Research Training Program Scholarships is available for both Citizens of Australia and International Students.

Scholarship Features

  • The Scholarship covers Tuition Fees why students undergo Research at any Australian Institution
  • Scholarship offers Students a monthly Stipend while pursuing thier preferred research degree
  • This Scholarship Award Also covers Every other Expenses meted by Students while pursuing a Research Degree in Australia

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