Best Scholarships In UK For International Students

Are you interested in pursuing an Academic Career in United Kingdom, at a very subsidized rate? if yes, we got you covered.

This Resource would expose you to some of the partially and Fully funded Scholarships In UK For International Students, you would also get to know some of the merit-based and need-based scholarship opportunities you access in UK.


UK’s Educational system offers several scholarship opportunities to international students regardless of thier nationality.

These Scholarship opportunities are aimed at relieving or reducing the financial burden that could pose a threat or discourage international students from Furthering thier studies in Uk.


Oftentimes international students are mostly discouraged from Furthering thier studies in UK, due to the exorbitant cost of tuition fees, high cost of living, cost of Accommodation e.t.c

This alarming Cost and several other expenses associated with pursuing an Academic career in Uk, has deprived Some foreign students from enjoying the Diverse Academic opportunities in United Kingdom.

For your sole benefit, we have compiled several Scholarship opportunities that will help alleviate or reduce the Financial Burden of aspiring students, who wish to further thier studies in Uk.

Scholarships In UK For International Students

Welcome Back, below is a comprehensive List of Top Scholarships In UK For International students, Sit tight and Read through with Keen Attention.

  • Commonwealth Masters Scholarship
  • Great Scholarships
  • Scotland Saltire Scholarships
  • Clarendon Scholarships At University of Oxfords.

1. Commonwealth Masters Scholarship

First on the list of the Top Scholarship Opportunities in UK, is the popular Commonwealth Master Scholarship, this Scholarship Award is majorly for International students who wish to pursue a Master’s degree program in UK.

Students Eligible for this Scholarship Award are International students from Commonwealth countries like Canada, Nigeria, Cameroon, Australia, Jamaica Namibia e.t.c.

Scholarship Features

  • Tuition Fee Payment
  • To and fro airfare from home country to United Kingdom
  • Examination Fees Payment
  • Personal Allowance All through the study period
  • Arrival Allowances

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2. Great Scholarships

Great Scholarship comes Next on our list of the top Scholarships In UK For International Students, this Scholarship opportunity is also for international students interested in pursuing a Master’s degree in UK.

The British Council offers this Scholarship opportunity in partnership with top Universities in UK like the likes of University of Dundee,University of Bristol, Teesside University,University of Reading,University of York e.t.c

Beneficiaries of the Great Scholarships Award will receive a fully funded scholarship in thier first year of Post-graduate study,the cost of this Scholarship award is over 10,000 Euros covering Tuition Fees.

Scholarship Requirements

  • Aspiring Students for this Scholarship must possess English language proficiency
  • Eligible Applicants are students whose home countries are China, Indonesia, Kenya, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, Ghana, Egypt, and Bangladesh.
  • Aspiring Students must have studied a related program at Undergraduate Degree level

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3. Scotland Saltire Scholarships

  • Scholarship Price:$10,000

Scotland Saltire Scholarships are specifically for International students interested in pursuing Undergraduate Degrees and Post-graduate degrees in Scotland.

This Scholarship Opportunity is Offered by the Scotland Government, in partnership with some Top Universities in Scotland.

Scotland Saltire Scholarship is a merit-based Scholarship, it’s majorly for international students who possess Distinctive Academic prowess.

To be Eligible for this Scholarship opportunity, your intended course of study must be within the Healthcare sector, Technology, Engineering, Science, Creative Art and the Renewable energy Sector.

Below are some of the Top Universities Offering The Scotland Saltire Scholarships:

  • Queen Magaret University
  • University of Dundee
  • University of Edinburgh
  • University of Glasglow
  • Robert Gordon University
  • University of Aberdeen

Scholarship Requirements

  • Applicants must have a good understanding of English
  • To be a Beneficiary of this Scholarship, Your country of origin must either be Canada, Hongkong, India, Japan, Pakistan, USA, or China
  • Aspiring Students for this Scholarship opportunity must have received provisional admission from any University Situated in Scotland.
  • Students Applying for this Scholarship Award, should not have previously offered an Undergraduate degree in Scotland Before applying.
  • Applicants must have outstanding Academic records in thier previous line of Study.

4. Clarendon Scholarships At University of Oxford

Claredon Scholarships is among the list of Scholarship opportunities available to International students at University of Oxford.

This Scholarship award is a merit-based scholarship, it is awarded to Academic sound students who wish to pursue a post-graduate degree at the University of Oxford.

Applicants for this Scholarship award must have good command of English, and must also display distinctive performance in thier previous degree.


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