Ted Rogers Scholarships For International Students

Welcome onboard, let’s take a quick look at this Canadian Scholarship Award, Known as the Ted Rogers Scholarships For International Students.

The Ted Rogers Scholarships Award are for international students who wish to pursue a First Degree in Canada, either a First Diploma or a vocational Degree at any of the Partner Universities of Ted Rogers.

Recipients of the Ted Rogers Scholarship Award are chosen based on thier Community Engagements, the scholarship board also considers individuals from undeserving backgrounds, Blacks, and students with Disabilities.

Surprisingly the Ted Rogers Scholarships Award has been in existence since 2017, the Scholarship was commissioned in remembrance of the Popular Canadian businessman known as Ted Rogers.

The Canadian Businessman Known As Ted Rogers was among the top pioneers in the Canadian communication industry, he was the Founder of the popular Rogers Communication.

Unfortunately, Ted Rogers died in 2008, as at then the popular Rogers communication was worth $18 billion, making Rogers the Fourth richest man in Canada as at then.

Due to Rogers’s passion for quality Education, thousands of students have been awarded Scholarships to help extend his legacy, in 2023 over 1,000 qualified students were awarded the Ted Rogers Scholarship Award.

However, the Ted Rogers Scholarship Award is been Financed by Rogers Communication, and managed by Scholarship Partners Canada(SPC), the SPC is actually a subsidiary of Universities Canada.

For your Sincere benefit, I would list the available Scholarship programs under the Ted Rogers Scholarship Award, highlighting thier benefits,ensure you read through down to the end.

What Are The Patners Universities of The Ted Rogers Scholarship Award?

  • University of Calgary
  • University of Waterloo
  • University of New Brunswick
  • University of British Columbia
  • Toronto Metropolitan University
  • Polytechnique Montreal

Ted Rogers Scholarships For International Students

Welcome back, below is a compiled list of Available Scholarship programs Under the Ted Rogers Scholarships Award, read through Carefully.

  • Ted Rogers Future Leaders Scholarship
  • Ted Rogers Legacy Scholarship
  • Ted Rogers Entrance Scholarship

1.Ted Rogers Future Leaders Scholarship

  • Scholarship worth:$6,700 per year

The Ted Rogers Future Leaders Scholarship Award is partially funded Scholarship,the Scholarship selects about 100 students yearly,funding thier Tuition fees with $6,700 yearly,for up to Four years of thier undergraduate studies at any of the Partners Universities of the prestigious Ted Rogers Scholarship.

International students who are Recipients of this Scholarship program will be responsible for catering for any other Academic bills,aside from the $6,700 scholarship fund.

2.Ted Rogers Legacy Scholarship

  • Scholarship Worth:$25,000 per year

The Ted Rogers Legacy Scholarship award is another Scholarship program under the Ted Rogers Scholarship program.

Surprisingly the Tesd Rogers Legacy Scholarship is a Fully Funded Scholarship opportunity,it’s covers the Tuition Fees,the living cost,and other related Academic expenses of the supposed student.

Notwithstanding This Ted Rogers Scholarship is Specifically for international students or domestic students,studying any Tech-related Academic program at any of the partners Universities of Ted Rogers Scholarship.

International Students who are Benefiiciaries of the Ted Rogers Legacy Scholarship Award will be given a total sum of $25,000 per year,this should sincerely be enough to foot students bills while they pursue an Academic Career ibn Canada.

Nevertheless The Ted Rogers Legacy Scholarship is quite competitive,only about ten(10) students are selected yearly for this Scholarship Award,out of the numerous amount of Applications received yearly.

3.Ted Rogers Entrance Scholarship

  • Scholarship Worth:$1,000

The Ted Rogers Entrance Scholarship is the smallest among the Scholarship,it’s actually a partially funded scholarship opportunity,about $1,000 is been given to Recipients of this Scholarship Award.

This Scholarship opportunity is been given to first-time degree students,to help support and  celebrate thier Acceptance into any of Partner Universities that are Affiliated to Ted Rogers Scholarship.

The Ted Rogers Entrance Scholarship isn’t that Competitive compared to the other Ted Rogers Scholarship Discussed earlier in this Blogpost,about 100 new students are awarded this Scholarship opportunity yearly.Click here To know more About the Ted Rogers Scholarship Award


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