Best Universities In New York For International Students

Are you Interested in Knowing the Best Universities In New York For International Students? if yes we got you covered,in this Article we explore the Finest Universities University in New York for International Student.

New York has several world-class Universities that are Suitable for international students, New York is one of the top cities in the United States.


The City of New York is one of the most entertaining Cities in the US, this city is popularly known as the city that never sleeps and the Big Apple.

New York City is situated in the south-eastern region of USA, the City of New York is mostly abbreviated as NYC, the city has diverse types of Institutions ranging from Vocational schools, Colleges, community schools to Universities.


notwithstanding our major Focus, our target in this Article is to show you the most suitable Universities In New York For International students.

The mentioned universities in this blog post have higher Acceptance for international students, do ensure you read through carefully.

Irrespective of your course of Study, New York has numerous Universities that will serve your interest to the Fullest, surprisingly some of these Universities in New also offer real-time Scholarships to International students provided they meet the basic requirements.

Best Universities In New York For International Students

Without wasting much time let’s have a quick look at some of the Best Universities In New York For International Students.

  • New York University
  • Columbia University
  • Fordham University
  • Rochester Institute of Technology

1. New York University

New York University is among the Best Universities In New York For International Students, this Institution was Founded in 1831 by the New York State Legislature.

The Prestigious New York University is Currently ranked 35th globally, in the world based on the QS university Ranking, this institution is also ranked number one in New York, based on the National Science Foundation Research Rankings.

New York University currently has about seventeen(17) colleges and Schools, ranging from the School of Art and Technology,to the School of Engineering.

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2. Columbia University

The next University on our list of the Finest Universities for International Students In New York is the prestigious Columbia University.

Columbia University is among the best privately owned university in the City of New York, this Academic Institution is ranked 19th in The world.

Columbia University is one of the most preferred sites for Research in the United States, it’s was Established on the 25th of May 1754, and the institution currently has about Six(6) Campuses.

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3.Fordham University

Next institution on our list of the Best Universities In New York For International Students is Fordham University,this university is a Catholic owned Institution,it’s was established on 1841.

Fordham University New York Houses Over 9,000 Undergraduate Students and Over 6,000 Students pursuing Post-Graduate Degree programs At the Institution.

This University has About Four Substanstive Faculty offering Bachelor Degree programs At The Institution,they include the Fordham College At Rose Hill,Fordham College at Lincoln Center,Gabelli School of Business,and Professional and Continueing Studies.

At Post-graduate Degree Level,there are about six Faculties offering Graduate Degree programs At the Institution,this Faculties include the School of Art and Sciences,School of Business,School of Law,School of Service,School of Religion and Religious education,School of Education e.t.c.

Fordham University Newe York Currently has about Two Boarding Facilities which include Rose Hill and Lincoln Center,the Rose Hill boarding house currently houses over 3000 students,whereas the Lincoln Center has over 1,000 Boarding Students.

Fordham University is indeed among the most notable University in New York,the institution has about five(5) Branch Campuses located in Bronx,Manhattan,West Harrison,Armonk New York, and London.

Surprisingly this University offers several Scholarships and Financial Aid programs,to assist international students who wish to Pursue a Bachelor and Graduate Degree at the Institution.

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4.Rochester Institute of Technology

Rochester Institute of Technology is another Outstanding University In New York,this Institution is the most preferred institution for international students who wish to study any tech-related,or Technical programs in New York.

This School is mostly Abbreviated As RIT in New York,it’s was created on 12th June 1829,this Institution is presently the 37th most trusted University in the Whole of the United States.

List of Academic programs offered at this University Covers Areas like Art and Design,Engineering,Film production,Architecture,Photography e.t.c

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