McCall MacBain Scholarship For International Students

Are you Interested in Pursuing a post-graduate degree program? if yes we’ve got you covered, in this Article I will be exposing you to one of the most prestigious Postgraduate Scholarships known as the McCall MacBain Scholarship.

The McCall MacBain Scholarship is among the top Scholarships for international students who wish to pursue a Post-graduate program in Canada.

From our Discovery the McCall MacBain scholarship is among the Scholarship opportunities offered by McGill University, one of the prestigious higher institutions in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

International students selected for the McCall MacBain Scholarships For International Students will have to study thier preferred Post-graduate Degree program at McGill University in Montreal.

This Postgraduate Scholarship was created in February 2019, by John and Marcy McCall Macbian, John McCall Macbian was actually the husband of Marcy as at then.

The McCall Macbian Scholarship was however named after John McCall Macbian due to his meritious contribution to the healthcare and Educational Sector in Canada.

John McCall Macbian was Actually the First Donor of the McCall MaCbian Scholarship, he funded the Scholarship for the First time in February 2019, which allowed some students to pursue a Post-graduate Degree At University of Oxford.

International students selected for this Scholarship Award are students who possess Great Leadership Abilities, and outstanding Character, Students previously involved in Community work in thier host community.

For More information about the McCall MacBain Scholarships For International Students,do well to click here

Is McCall MacBain Scholarship For International Students?

The McCall MacBain Scholarship awards is actually for both Canadian Citizens and International students who display exceptional leadership skills in thier fields of endeavor.

Domestic students and International students are qualify for the MacCal MacBain Scholarship program, provided they have a Bachelor’s Degree and some other necessary Documents.

How Much Is McCall MacBain Scholarship?

From our Discovery McCall MacBain Scholarship is A Fully Funded Scholarship For Undergraduate Students, covering the Tuition Fees, housing Allowances of students.

In Addition, International students Accepted into this Scholarship program will be entitled to receive about $2,000 per month for upkeep throughout thier studies.

How To win McCall MacBain scholarship?

1. Demonstrate Exceptional Character

To win the McCall Macbian Scholarship Applicants must have an amazing Character, worth emulating, this is one of the major Yardstick the Scholarship Board uses in Granting Prospective Students Scholarship.

The Scholarship board of the McCall Macbain Scholarship might need to check your previous service to humanity,student’s work ethic e.t.c

2. Community Engagement

Students who engage in Community work often at thier host community, are mostly Accepted into the McCall MacBain Scholarship program, due to thier Unwavering support and commitment in solving the Challenges faced by their community.

3. Applicants must have a Good GPA

Though the Scholarship board doesn’t Accept students with respect to thier Academic Performance only, having a good GPA could help boost your Chances of Securing this Scholarship opportunity.

4. Leadership Skills

Aspiring students interested in this Scholarship opportunity are mostly selected based on thier previous Leadership Experience.

International students are advised to attach the list of Leadership positions they have occupied previously before Applying For Scholarships.

5. Great Entrepreneurship Skill

Prospective Applicants for the McCall MacBian Scholarships must display great Entrepreneurship strength, Applicants must indeed have substantial entrepreneurship experience.

6. Do well to prepare your Application Carefully

Why preparing your Applications do well to arrange them Accordingly, check to see if thier Errors in your Applications, Check to see if you find any Misspellings in Your Application, before submitting it.

7. Practice Interview Questions Before Attending the university’s Interview session

Students should prepare well for interview before attending,they could prepare well by contacting Previous Applicants who successful Scaled,to know the Possible Questions you should Expect during Interview.

Can You Apply For Scholarship Without Admission?

In most Cases International students must have secured provisional admission At a well-known institution before applying For Any Scholarship,this is because most scholarships are offered to students who are admitted already.


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