Top Scholarships In Switzerland For International Students

Switzerland has several Scholarships available to international students irrespective of thier Country of Origin, no matter your Field study or Level of Study(Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D.) there are numerous Scholarships Available for you.

In This Resource, you will get to see the list of Scholarships In Switzerland For International Students, As you read through, do ensure you get familiar with the Application process and the basic requirements of these Switzerland Programs.


Switzerland is an European Country, it is one of the most Affordable nations to pursue an Academic Career at higher Degree, without breaking the bank.

Surprising International students could pursue a Higher Degree program in Switzerland with as low as $1,500 for thier yearly Tuition Fees.


In Addition, the Cost of Living In Switzerland is quite Cheap, thereby helping international students live Affordably without accumulating debt while studying in Switzerland.

Irrespective of whether you are on a scholarship program, Studying in Switzerland is quite Affordable and  Cheaper than other top European Countries Like UK, Germany, Singapore, Australia e.t.c

Nevertheless, our major interest in this blog post is to discover some of the Top Scholarships In Switzerland For International Students.

Through these Scholarship international students can study in Switzerland at a much more cheaper rate, students could possibly even study for free through these Scholarship opportunities.


We sincerely encourage you to read through this blog post mindfully to learn more about these Scholarship opportunities offered in Switzerland.

Scholarships In Switzerland For International Students

The List below is a comprehensive list of The Top Scholarships In Switzerland For International Students, ensure you read Through with Keen Attention.

  • Swiss Excellence Scholarships For Foreign Students
  • Graduate Institute Geneva Scholarships
  • Swiss European Mobility Program
  • University Specific Scholarships

1. Swiss Excellence Scholarships For Foreign Students

The Swiss Excellence Scholarships For Foreign Students is among the list of Scholarships funded by the Swiss Government.

This Scholarship award is a Fully Funded Scholarship, it’s covers the upkeep and Tuition fees of all Foreign Researchers interested in Pursuing a Research degree at any higher Institution in Switzerland.

To be a Beneficiary of this Scholarship opportunity, your supposed research degree must be offered as a post-graduate level program.

Aside from pursuing a Research program,this Scholarship opportunity also provides students to study a Master’s and Ph.D. program for free.

Notwithstanding the Swiss Excellence Scholarships for Foreign Students was created to strengthen the Bilateral relationship that Existed between Switzerland and over 180 countries of the world.

Surprisingly the beneficiaries of this scholarship will be selected from all of the 180 countries having Bilateral Agreements with Switzerland.

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2. Graduate Institute Geneva Scholarships

The Graduate Institute Geneva Scholarships is also on the list of Scholarships In Switzerland For International Students.

This Scholarship Award is for international students who wish to Pursue a master’s or Ph.D. degree program at Geneva Graduate Institute.

Graduate Institute Geneva Scholarships recognizes International students who are Scholars irrespective of thier country of Origin.

The Scholarship is both a Fully Funded and a Partially Funded Scholarship opportunity, students are been offered a partially or a fully funded scholarship, based on thier Academic performance.

The Partially Funded Scholarship of this Scholarship Award is worth CHF 10,000, whereas the Fully Funded scholarship is worth over CHF 20,000 yearly.

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3. Swiss European Mobility Program

The Swiss European Mobility Program also has all it takes to sponsor the Educational career of International students in Switzerland, it’s Encourages international students on Exchange programs to move or relocate to any institution in Switzerland.

This Scholarship Award is for Every discipline or Area of Study , and also for international students irrespective of thier country of Origin.

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4. University Specific Scholarships

Last on our list of the best Scholarships In Switzerland for international students is the University Specific Scholarships.

Scholarships in Switzerland that are specific to a particular university, are scholarship opportunities that mandate beneficiaries to pursue a Career at the Supposed Institution offering Such Scholarship.

Some of the top Swiss Institutions that have some Specific Scholarships include the University of Geneva,University of Zurich e.t.c.

However, some of the top university Specific Scholarships in Switzerland Are Listed below,do well to read through

  • EPFL Excellence Fellowship
  • University of Geneva Excellence Master’s Fellowship
  • ETH Excellence¬† Scholarships

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