Top Scholarships For International Students In Spain

Scholarships for International Students In Spain are the numerous Scholarships available to international students who wish to pursue an Academic Career in Spain.

These Scholarship opportunities are targeted at giving Foreign students the privilege to pursue an Academic career in a well-known Spanish School without breaking the bank.


So no matter your educational level either Undergraduate, Master’s or PhD Degree level, Spain has numerous scholarship opportunities that will Fund your Academic Dreams to any Extent, irrespective of your field of study.

Notwithstanding Most academic programs in Spain are mostly taught in Spanish,Spanish is the official language in Spain,this why 70% of the Academic programs offered in Spain are mostly taught in Spanish.


The Supposed Spanish Language used in teaching in Spain, has sincerely been one of the major factors why international students are mostly discouraged from Studying thier preferred degree programs In Spain.

Especially International students who are from English Speaking Countries might Find it Hard to cope in Spain because Spanish is the preferred language of Instruction for most of the Academic programs offered in Spain.

Nevertheless, That Should not bother you any longer, because thier numerous Academic Programs in Spain that are Fully taught in English language, to help accommodate International students who are willing to study in Spain.

In Addition to this We have Sorted some of the best Scholarships For International Students In Spain, to aid international students pursue thier preferred course in English while Studying in Spain.


Scholarships For International Students In Spain

Let’s Get to see some of the Top Scholarships Opportunities For International Students In Spain, we got you covered

  • ULC Barcelona Scholarship
  • Barcelona GSE Master’s Scholarship
  • Spanish Study Abroad Merit-Based Scholarship

1. ULC Barcelona International Excellence Scholarships

The first scholarship on our list of Scholarships For International Students In Spain is the ULC Barcelona Scholarship, this scholarship is a Financial Aid program to aid international students further thier studies at ULC Barcelona at a Very Affordable Fee.

The ULC Barcelona is among the top Higher institutions situated in the City of Barcelona, Notwithstanding the international Excellence Scholarship offered by this Institution is a Partially Funded Scholarship.

The International Excellence Scholarships offer a 20% Tuition Fee Waiver for International Students all through thier years of Study, students will have to Foot the remaining 80% of thier Tuition Fees.

Talented International students can study any Academic program with this Scholarship, however, students pursuing a career in Medicine and Dentistry are Exempted from applying for this Scholarship.

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2. Barcelona GSE Master’s Scholarship

The Next Scholarship Award on our list of Scholarships for International Students in Spain is the Barcelona GSE Master’s Scholarship.

This Spanish Scholarship award is Specifically for International students Interested in Pursuing a Master’s Degree in any field related to Economics and Data Science.

Beneficiaries of this Scholarship Award will be enrolled in a master’s degree program offered at The Barcelona Graduate School of Economics,which is Situated in the City of Barcelona,Spain.

The Barcelona GSE Master’s Scholarship can either be Awarded as a Partially Funded Scholarship or a Fully funded scholarship opportunity, the type of scholarship Awarded to Each student is solely based on the student’s Academic performance and Experience with respect to the Field of Economics.

Prospective Students who are beneficiaries of this Scholarship could either be Awarded with a 100%,75%,50%, or 20% Scholarship.

Aside from Covering Tuition Fees Payments, the Barcelona GSE Master’s Scholarship also provides students with a Teaching assistantship.

Scholarship Requirements

  • Aspiring must present an English test Score, which Serves as proof of thier proficiency in English
  • Applicants Must come From an Under-developed Country
  • Applicants must possess an Undergraduate Degree in a related field of study
  • Applicants must have a background in Finance, Engineering, mathematics, business administration and Statistics

3. Spanish Study Abroad Merit-Based Scholarship

  • Scholarship Worth:$500 to $1,500 yearly

The next Scholarship on our list of top Scholarships for international in Spain is the Spanish Study Abroad Merit-Based Scholarship.]

This Spanish Scholarship has been in Existence Since 1969, this Scholarship is Awarded to international students who have displayed a strong connection with Spain and are enthusiastic about the Spanish language.

To Be Accepted into this Scholarship Program will need to Submit a comprehensive Essay letter between 400 to 500 words, Explaining thier passion for Spanish and thier previous experience which has to do with Spain.

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